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Cranial Release Technique, Inc. represents the finest in the training of healthcare practitioners in the art, science and philosophy of the Cranial Release Technique® (CRT). From our experienced instructors, to our low student/faculty ratios, to the venues in which our classes are held, we are committed to your success in making CRT an important component of the healthcare services you provide.

Practitioners from many disciplines are discovering the extraordinary value of the CRT, Inc. educational program. Across the country, they are incorporating CRT into their practice — and enhancing their ability to promote wellness for patients and clients. We invite you to find out more about the Cranial Release Technique®.


Dozens of CRT practitioners and patients have recorded YouTube videos that describe the Cranial Release Technique — and its capacity to reduce stress and promote wellness. These YouTube segments offer an excellent and highly accessible way to learn more about the technique.
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Louis Angulo

Louis Angulo, DC

Clara Brosnaham

Clara Brosnaham, LMT

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Dr. Wayne Dyer Dr. Wayne Dyer - Internationally renowned author and speaker discusses the beneficial effects of the Cranial Release Technique (CRT). Click to view video

If you are a practitioner who has heard about the outstanding benefits that the Cranial Release Technique® can bring to your patients and to your practice and you'd like to learn more, click here.

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