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Clara Brosnaham, LMT

June 03, 2009 by Clara Brosnaham, LMT


Dr. Doreste,

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for helping me: change my health, change the health of my patients and family and also changing my business. My own health was changed from the first CRT treatment where I experienced instant stress reduction and the feeling like “an uncorked bottle” – profound peace and contentment.  Cranial Release Technique neutralizes stress better and quicker than anything I’ve ever experienced or worked with. Also, the issues with my neck and arm pain were greatly reduced after 2 treatments and continue to date.

I have a multitude of amazing testimonials from my patients and how their health is changing with CRT treatments. 95% of my work includes CRT. There have been dramatic recovery and improvements in patients with  fibromyalgia, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, migraines, knee pains, decreased blood sugar in Diabetic patient, lowered blood pressure, headaches, Trigeminal Neuralgia, IBS, arm pain from cervical nerve entrapment – this is to name a few in my practice.

My confidence has greatly increased as a healthcare provider. My patients are all thrilled that I was trained in The Cranial Release Technique and I too must say it was by far the best investment I have made as a massage therapist.

Once again, thanks so much and all the best to you,
Clara Brosnaham, LMT


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